Immanuel Kwaku Sirron-Kakpor

Immanuel Kwaku Sirron-Kakpor


Voltascapes: Re-Thinking Modernity

After the Independence of Ghana (1957), Modernism was made instrumental to prepare the country for a promising future. A huge power dam reservoir with 52 resettlements was realized. At the moment one can conclude that the resettlement plans implemented by the Volta River Authority (VRA) and a international team of planners and architects has failed, because the plans neglected the existing culture and modernity ideologies were imposed upon the community.

This project - Re-Thinking Modernity - aims to repair these failures by implementing a model that goes beyond building, hence defining a new role for the architect. It restructures the existing urban fabric and weaves in new impulses elements, which ultimately may generate new ways of income, self-training, and reconnection to the outside world.
And also to develop a bottom-up strategic approach at several scale levels.  A Master Plan is designed and an urban axis is developed, spanning between a community center and a training institute. Along the axis, a series of renovation schemes for existing housing structures and new buildings for mixed commercial and training purposes.

The proposed buildings make innovative use of local building materials and skills, sometimes borrowed from other professions such as boat builders, weaving for fishing nets et cetera, and introduction of e-commerce: a great opportunity for local craftsmen to do business with stores or end users in Ghana and beyond.

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