Exhibition opening: HOW DO WE WANT TO WORK M4H 2030

zaterdag 03 juni 2023, 15:00 - 19:00 uur

The exhibition HOW DO WE WANT TO WORK M4H 2030 focuses on the question of how we can maintain affordable and mixable (with housing) workspace in the city. The exhibition in the KeileZaal brings together 5 studies on this subject, thus highlighting the task from different perspectives. During the exhibition, lectures, debates and workshops will be organized by the various participants. As a result, the created space will encourage cross-fertilization of ideas and acceleration of knowledge development.






The exhibition opens with a lecture by the American architecture critic, curator, teacher and consultant Nina Rappaport. She leads the 'Vertical Urban Factory' think tank, which bridges the gap between academic research and practical advice on urban production and the value of manufacturing for cities. The focus is on the continued use of old industrial sites and ways to build the production areas for the future. The Vertical Urban Factory exhibition is the main exhibition of the umbrella exhibition that opens on June 3 and will host various workshops and lectures in the field of the circular economy until July 14.

Among other student work, the exhibition features work of ten second year students of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture that have been investigating what the mixed-use city district of the future in M4H could look like.

Programme 3rd of June 2023:

3.00 pm Walk-in with coffee

3.30 pm Lecture of Nina Rappaport - Vertical Urban Factory

4.30 pm Festive opening

5.00 pm Drinks


Join this festive opening on June 3rd by registering through this link

The opening will take pleace from 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM at Keilepand, Keilestraat 9f, 3029 BP Rotterdam.