The examination board of the Academy of Architecture

Role of the examination board
The examination board (EB) is independent and fulfils a supervisory role within the Academy of Architecture. The examination board safeguards the quality of testing and assessments in relation to the formulated learning outcomes of the study programme. The examination board therefore plays an important role in the awarding of degrees. Students, lecturers and the field of work must also be able to trust that degrees were awarded in a proper manner.

The examination board does not do this by conducting examinations itself, but by appointing examiners, drawing up guidelines with regard to holding examinations and final examinations, combating fraud, monitoring the quality of assessment and making decisions about objections, exemptions and personal study tracks which have been submitted. The Education and Examination Regulations (EER) serve as the guideline for decision-making by the examination board, together with the Study Guide, which includes the learning outcomes of the study programme. In addition, the EB gives solicited and unsolicited advice about subjects relating to the quality of testing and assessments.

When to contact the examination board
If everything goes smoothly, you should not notice the work of the examination board very much. In the case of questions or problems with testing and assessment, it is advisable to discuss this first with the lecturer concerned and/or the head of department. And although the examination board formally decides, requests for exemptions or a personal study track first go via the head and the study adviser. For problems with your study progress, the student can go to the study adviser. 

If this fails to offer a solution, you can consider contacting the examination board:
• If the students believes that something has gone wrong with the formation of the assessment or if he or she questions the assessment and consultation with the lecturer,
examiner or head of department has failed to solve the matter.
• If the student believes that something went wrong with regard to the granting of an exemption or the determination of a personal study track. 

The student should then register a complaint against the procedure or the decision. The examination board will examine if the procedures were correctly followed and if the EER were properly applied. The decision of the examination board can lead to a procedure having to be repeated.

How to contact the examination board
The examination board can be contacted through the secretary of the examination board Irene Noordkamp via the following email address: State your name, student ID number, address, place of residence, telephone number and email address with each request. Please state also the study programme and academic year in question. Describe the request, complaint or objection as clearly as possible and ensure it is based on the rules and regulations in the Study Guide and Education and Examination Regulations (EER). The student will receive a reaction from the examination board within four working weeks.

Composition of the examination board
• Arjan Klok (chairman), guest lecturer in Urbanism at the Academy of Architecture..
• Peter Defesche (lecturer member), guest lecturer in Architecture at the Academy of Architecture
• Wim Voogt (lecturer member), guest lecturer in Landscape Architecture at the Academy of Architecture
• Fien Bloemen (external member), policy officer Academy of Theatre and Dance
• Irene Noordkamp (official secretary), member of the student secretariat at the Academy of Architecture