It is important that you, as a (prospective) student, can study safely and healthily. And that you know who you can turn to if you need support in order to be able to do your study successfully. You can turn to the following people at the AHK: 

Student Adviser
The study adviser informs, advises and assists students with practical and personal matters that are related to the study. Students can approach the study adviser in connection with, among other things, the following subjects:

  • studying healthily, safely and respectfully;
  • termination of enrolment and re-enrolment;
  • problems with the study;
  • support with funding applications;
  • insurance;
  • study completion delay;
  • stopping or interrupting study;
  • visas and residency permits (for foreign students);
  • complaints and appeal procedures;
  • studying and working abroad;
  • laws and regulations.

The study adviser gives advice in the case of study stagnation, follows the study progress of each student and fulfils an early warning function for the board of studies. The study adviser can also refer students to other bodies within or outside the University. Discussions with the study adviser are confidential and personal information will be handled carefully.

An appointment can be made via the study secretariat:

Student counsellor 
The student counsellor provides information and guidance to students with both practical and personal matters, which are related to the study conditions and life as a student. Each academy/study programme has its own student counsellor.  

Student coach 
You can turn to the student coach of the AHK for an introductory training session on planning and time management, a study-related stress/fear of failure training course and individual coaching. 

Confidential adviser 
As a student you can always get in touch with the confidential advisers at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. The confidential adviser is a first point of contact when identifying (sexual) intimidation, aggression and violence, bullying or discrimination. Unwanted and transgressive behaviour is unacceptable. You can choose which confidential adviser you would like to approach. If you would rather discuss the situation with someone who is NOT affiliated with the AHK, you can get in touch with the confidential adviser employed by HumanCapitalCare, the AHK’s occupational health and safety organisation.

Click here for contact details of confidential advisers inside and outside the AHK (link to MyAHK, only accesable with AHK-account). 

Liasison officer
You can talk to the liaison officers of the AHK if you have or have had to deal with domestic violence or child abuse in your private life.

If you have difficulty reading, writing or concentrating, you can make use of the online program TextAid

In addition, every academy/study programme has its own facilities. For more information, please look on the website of your own academy or ask your student counsellor.  

Codes of conduct and reporting codes 
The AHK wants you to study study in a socially safe environment. In order to guarantee this, we apply various codes of conduct and reporting codes:    
Code of Conduct for Public Safety (pdf)
Complaints procedure regarding undesirable behaviour (pdf)
Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Reporting Code (pdf)