Current research group
Architecture & Circular Thinking (2019-present)
Peter van Assche, Gerjan Streng

Previous research groups
Tabula Scripta (2014-2019)
Floris Alkemade, Jarrik Ouburg and Michiel van Iersel

Material & Design (2010-2013)
Jan Peter Wingender 

Previous research groups
Future Urban Regions II (2017-2021)
Eric Frijters 

Future Urban Regions I (2013-2017) 
Eric Frijters and Marco Broekman 

Design in Urbanism (2011-2014)
Ton Schaap 

Previous research groups
High-Density Energy Landscapes (2017-2022t)
Sven Stremke, Dirk Oudes and Paolo Picchi 

Foodscapes (2013-2016)
Han Wiskerke 

Living Landscape (2010-2013)
Thomas Oles