Information for (guest-)teachers, tutors and lecturers

Here you can find general information about educating and assessing at the Academy.


The Academy is officially bilingual in English and Dutch, and the language of instruction for the lessons is English. If you feel that you are not able to teach at the required level of English, please contact Henri Snel (E: 

Microsoft Teams
Provided for along with your appointment, is an online learning environment in Microsoft Teams. Information about Microsoft Teams, guidelines and tips & tricks, see link: MyAHK. To access MyAHK, you need to be logged in with your AHK account. Below you can find for info about your AHk-account.

Code of Conduct & Privacy 
The Amsterdam University of the Arts, of which the Academy of Architecture is part, requires staff members, guest tutors and students to treat each other and the University as an organisation with due care and respect. Therefore, please note our Code of Conduct for Social Safety. Please note that it is not allowed to distribute images of a student on e.g. social media without the student's explicit permission.

When composing presentations or readers, copyrights must be considered. Please read the Copyright manual for AHK teachers. For more information, contact Matty Gaikhorst (E:

Some more information:
About the digital assessment forms for exams
You can check the Frequently Asked Questions for tutors
Manual for Copyrights (from the AHK)
How to use the Academie Rooster-app
Guideline for login with your AHK account
How to setup Two-factor Authentication when using your AHK-account
On the page ICT Service and Support of the AHK you will find a lot of info & instructions, for this you have to be logged in with your AHK account.

Please click here for the seperate page with information about the handling of your invoice