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Financial matters

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Tuition fees

Statutory tuition fees 2024-2025
The statutory tuition fees for the 2024-2025 academic year is € 2.530.

Institutional tuition fees for 2024-2025
The institutional tuition fees for the 2024-2025 academic year is € 9.540
Click on Financial Affairs to see what tuition fees you will be charged. Guest- and exchange students who stay 1 semester only, pay half the annual fee.

Extra costs 
Estimated extra costs (subject to alteration):  

• Close of 1st quarter: €50 (compulsory part of O1) 
• Holland Tour 1st year: €200 (compulsory component of first-year lectures) 
• Optional excursion 2nd/3rd year: costs dependent on destination 
• Optional foreign project: costs dependent on destination 

Student finance
The Academy of Architecture has a unique educational model, the so-called concurrent model. The master programmes in architecture, urban design and landscape architecture are four-year programs that combine studying and working in practice (the professional experience); in our educational vision, this combination dramatically adds value for the student's learning process.

The programmes are part-time, and the student is responsible for finding a relevant workplace. Partly for this reason, the master's programmes at the Academy of Architecture are part-time programs with a full-time study and workload. Part-time students, because they work, are not eligible for study financing from DUO.

Teaching materials 
For the 2024-2025 academic year, the amount that first year students owe for teaching materials is € 45,-. Second and third year students owe € 35,-. The contribution for teaching materials is invoiced to the student, together with the tuition fees, at the beginning of the academic year. For this amount, the student will receive: 

• materials; 
• photocopies; 
• readers. 

The costs related to the development of new and existing teaching materials, such as the annual renewal of the readers, will be paid out of the Academy’s budget. A number of teaching materials can be obtained in the library. Furthermore, students must take into account costs for: sheeting material for scale models, Form Studies (drawing materials; visits to museums and other locations, admission costs and possible travel costs); workshops (teaching materials; materials, lunches/dinners and other refreshments).


Financial matters

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