Studying at the Academy of Architecture

The world around us is constantly changing and at a rapid pace. We are facing major, cross-border and wide-ranging questions. The challenges – related to climate change, resource scarcity, energy transition, social inequality and declining biodiversity – are urgent, complex, and also all spatial issues for which answers must be sought now in order to maintain perspective on a sustainable and inclusive future.

The Academy of Architecture is an internationally-oriented educational and research institute where students are trained for the national and international field of architecture, urbanism, and landscape architecture. The artistic and personal development of the student is the key focus within the intensive education, which is characterised by a high level of expertise, where a culture of innovation, collaboration and experimentation challenges students to look beyond borders and break new ground.

Students study and work simultaneously to become spatial designers and thinkers, with strong roots in practice, as well as critical thinking focused on the future of the respective professions. Architecture, urbanism, and landscape architecture courses are offered concurrently and in an interdisciplinary manner in order to prepare students for integrated and future-focused professional practice, thus paving the way for a transformation of the design professions.

Building towards a sustainable future
The three different Masters within the Academy of Architecture are closely linked. We are a small-scale and personal Academy focused on providing you with space and attention for your development. Interdisciplinary collaborations and regular meetings between students from the three directions are important pillars within the school. This cross-pollination ensures that our students are trained to be both designers and critical thinkers with a broad view of the world and the field.

Besides visits from international guest lecturers and speakers, there are several international excursions and projects in which students participate every year. The Academy of Architecture maintains warm ties with related programmes abroad with which we regularly collaborate. In this way, we offer you both a national and an international context. This enables you to develop as a designer in the broadest possible sense.

Work, study and beyond
During your studies, you will spend half your time studying and the other half in the professional field. This educational model gives you the opportunity to build a peer network and gain experience in professional practice during your studies. After completing one of the Master's programmes, you will immediately be included in the Dutch Architects Registry, giving an excellent headstart to your career.