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The concurrent model: studying and working simultaneously

Acquiring relevant professional experience is part of the study programme at the Academy of Architecture. Practical work experience is gained simultaneously with the study: the so-called concurrent model.

During your master's programme at the Academy, you are obliged to complete a minimum number of professional practice hours (4 x 840 hours) at a workplace relevant to the study programme. That can be an (landscape) architecture firm, but it also possible to work for other employers, such as an urban planning agency, a research bureau or to work temporarily abroad. The student discusses this with the practice coordinator before the start of the activities.

You can also work for numerous employers as a freelancer. You are allowed to combine your study at the Academy of Architecture with work on your own projects or at your own bureau, under the supervision of a mentor and only after the prior approval of the course directors. The course directors will first assess the quality of the work and the mentor before approval.

The professional experience obtained must lead to a situation where the students, at the end of their study, have the knowledge, insight and skills that are described in the exit qualifications for the architecture, urban design, garden and landscape architecture disciplines of the Bureau Architects Register (BA).

The expectation with regard to the workplace is that designs are made and projects realised there and that the student will be actively supervised in his or her activities by a mentor that has been registered with the Dutch Register of Architects for at least three years. It goes without saying that is should be a stimulating and challenging working environment with sufficient opportunities, so that the student can develop into an adequate designer. The professional situation must enable the student to come into contact with all parts of the planning and building process, from design to completion, during the study time and enable him or her to acquire insight into the relationship between those various parts of the process. A balanced relationship between study and work means a working week of no more than four days. The Fridays must be available for the study programme.

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Employers Brochure