Exchange and guest students

The application procedure for exchange students and guest students differs from the regular application procedure, because these applicants do NOT apply through Studielink.

Application procedure Exchange students
Exchange students are students from schools that have either an ‘Erasmus’, or an ‘EMiLA’ exchange agreement with the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. The Academy has a yearly quota of incoming exchange students. However, this quota is always exceeded by the number of exchange applications. If you want to apply as an exchange student, your home institution should contact us in order to nominate you. We will then provide you with information how to apply. Without a nomination from your institution, your application can not be taken into consideration. Admission not only depends on a (already established) bilateral Erasmus agreement between the schools, but also on the suitability of the student as shown by the portfolio. In fact, the portfolio is the primary means to determine suitability. Contact
if you have questions.

Application procedure Guest students (free-movers)
The master courses are given in Dutch and English and therefore open to guest students (also called 'free movers'). These students may take part in the program for one or two semesters, provided that their level matches the required standard (at least a relevant bachelor degree). You do not have to register in Studielink, since this is only to sign up for the 4-year master’s program. If you want to apply, contact
. We will then provide you with information how to apply.


Necessary documents
To apply for either the exchange program or the guest student program, we are going to ask the following documents as soon as you have informed us of your wish to apply.

• Application form (filled out digitally, not handwritten)
• Curriculum Vitae
• Internet link to your portfolio
• Passport photograph
• Copy of passport or identity card
• Copy of diplomas and transcripts (unless you still have to obtain your diploma)
• Proof of mastery of the English language

The Master’s programs Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture are bilingual and are offered both in Dutch and in English. Students need to have sufficient control of the English language, equivalent with level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) See:

Applicants are required to provide proof of their level of English. The form in which they do so is unrestricted. For example: English test results, an English Bachelor’s degree or another document proving the level of English of the applicant.

The portfolio 

  • Your portfolio must be submitted digitally
  • The ideal portfolio shows your design talent and design experience
  • The file should be submitted in PDF format
  • The file must be at least two months digitally accessible
  • Maximum 20-30 pages
  • File size: 30 MB maximum

If your application does not meet the requirements and/or is incomplete, it will not be considered.

If you miss a diploma because you have to achieve this yet, this provision does not apply. We need to have a copy of th diploma by September 1st.