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Graduation Show 2020

A new generation of urbanists, landscape architects and architects is ready to conquer the world. On Friday 6 November curator Bruno Vermeersch showcased their visions, plans and models in LOOPED - the online Graduation Show 2020. The recorded livestream of LOOPED will be shared here as soon as possible.


Publication Graduation Show
Interested to learn more about the graduates? You can buy the publication 'Graduation Show 2020' at the library of the Academy, 5 euro. This publication by Academy of Architecture is created by designer Artur Roeloffzen and editor Vibeke Gieskes.


Creative team LOOPED
Director & Curator :  Bruno Vermeersch
Choreography :  Junadry Leocaria    
Costumes Esmee Thomassen  
Vocals :  Bernadeta Astari    
Musicians : Merel Vercammen & Wylco Oomkes    
Dancers :  Darion Thompson, Tamara Robledo Oud, Martin Barnes, Laquelle D Galdey, Xiomara Vird├│, Scott Everduim, Dietrich Pott en Erik Bos    
Set Design : Bruno Vermeersch
Art AssistantFelix Vermeersch   

Executive Producer : Joseefke Brabander
Producer : Sanne Blok    
Communication : Julie Vegter    
Set Photography : Jonathan Andrew 
Videography / ArchiprixBas de Brouwer

Construction team   
Leon de Lange, Xander Meindertsma, Ruben Dahmen, Max Tuinman, Martijn, Laurens Zuidam, Bruno Vermeersch    

Technical team
Sound : Lode de Roos, Damon Douglas
Light : Roland Bakker    
Cameraman : Rodolfo    
Set Photography : Jonathan Andrew    
DatahandlerRandy Bouterse

Catering : Jeffrey van Groningen, Siep Adema    

With special thanks to all the graduates 2020


Meet the graduates!

Check out the video