Academic year 21/22 (R)evolution Planet

The academy wants to be a research institute that generates solutions and perspectives for the future of the Netherlands. It is up to the next generation of (landscape) architects and urban planners to create spatial conditions for a sustainable future. (R)evolution Planet will be the overarching theme within all education at the academy; for and by students, but also with teachers, guest speakers, the academy organization and many other stakeholders.

We see a shared responsibility; as designers of the future we will put urgent spatial tasks on the public agenda, using the study projects, visions and ideas of our students. In addition to the educational program, the Academy of Architecture will also organize public debates with designers within the various disciplines, but also with people from other disciplines such as politicians, opinion makers, scientists, and policy makers at national governments. During the current academic year the Academy will publish the results of the debates and projects, the ideas, and the possibilities for the future of the Netherlands in various ways.


Kick-off 2021: Workshop Thinking Together

Our kick-off workshop centered on Thinking Together, which activated us to formulate the five most important academy themes for (R)evolution Planet for the coming year(s).

In two sessions with all the students of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture combined, we used the waterfall method to find answers to our question. 

With this method, a participant begins by formulating what they consider the five most important themes for (R)evolution Planet. After a few minutes, they find someone else to re-formulate their five common points of view - thinking together. This pair then finds another pair, repeating the exercise. Finally, you end up with the number sequence 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc. and arrive at five central points of interest in relation to our question.

Our two final 'waterfalls' came to:

1. Synergy
2. Adaptive
3. Brave
4. Love
5. Time

1. Think local - local solutions - circularity
2. Integrated ecosystems
3. Rethink economics
4. Symbiosis
5. Interdisciplinary revolution
6. Climate culture - communicate, educate, be aware.
7. Technological innovation