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Admissions procedure for international students

The application deadline for international students was 1 April 2024. Should you have missed this deadline due to extenuating circumstances, please apply by sending an email to whilst including the reason you were unable to apply before.

The application procedure distinguishes between Dutch students and international students. The criterium for this is nationality; living in or outside the Netherlands is not a criterium. The Academy of Architecture accepts a limited number of candidates to follow the Master's degree programs. A selection is made on the basis of motivation and portfolio from the candidates who qualify for admission according to their previous education.

There are three different ways for international students to study at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture:  

As a regular master student (4 years)
International candidates can apply for the 4-year Master's degree programme. All information regarding this application process can be found on this page - you're in the right place!

As an exchange student (1 or 2 semesters)
Exchange students are students from schools that have either an 'Erasmus' or an 'EMiLA' exchange agreement with the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Exchange students can participate in the 2nd or 3rd year programme for one or two semesters, provided that their level meets the requirements (at least a relevant bachelor's degree). Applicants must be nominated by their home institution. The application procedure for exchange students differs from the regular application procedure as described on this page - please find all information for exchange students here.

As a guest student or ‘free mover’ (1 or 2 semesters)
The master courses are offered in English and are therefore open to guest students (also known as 'free movers'). These students can participate in the 2nd or 3rd year programme for one or two semesters, provided their level meets the requirement (at least a relevant bachelor's degree). The application procedure for guest students differs from the regular application procedure as described below - please find all information for guest students here.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the selection procedure for the master's programs at the Academy of Architecture, your previous education must meet one of the three criteria below:

  1. You have a diploma from a Dutch bachelor's or master's program that is in line with the program to be followed at the Academy of Architecture. Are you unsure whether you have a relevant previous education? View the the overall guidelines here, or the list of matching Dutch diplomas here.
  2. You have a foreign bachelor's or master's program that is in line with the master's program at the Academy of Architecture. If a foreign previous education is unknown to us, it can be assessed by Nuffic, the expertise and service center for internationalization in Dutch education.
  3. You have a relevant foreign previous education in combination with sufficient relevant work experience, so that you think you qualify for the desired education. The work experience is apparent from CV and portfolio. Relevance is weighed by the admissions committee.

Diploma still to be obtained:
If you have yet to obtain your (bachelor's) diploma, you can still participate in the selection process. If you are then admitted, it is with a proviso. In that case, a copy of the diploma must be in our possession no later than 1 September, otherwise the admission will expire. When you register, upload a note stating when you expect to have the diploma.

Not quite the right diploma?
If you want to follow a master's degree in Architecture, Urbanism or Landscape Architecture, but do not have a constructional technical training and/or lack important professional knowledge or design skills, you may be able to follow the pre-master Architecture & Technology or the pre-master Urbanism & Landscape architecture.

The portfolio must be accessible via a link to a digital online repository such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Please make sure it is publicly accessible to us, without the use of login codes or registration procedures. The portfolio must in any case be accessible until 1 September.

Please limit your portfolio to a maximum of about twenty pages. A good portfolio consists of:

  • A wide variety of your design work. These are projects from your previous education and/or from your professional practice. Preferably as diverse as possible.

  • Own projects in which you show what your design qualities are. In joint work you state exactly what your role was in that project. Or projects that you initiated and designed yourself.

  • Various design work - in scale - in which you show which design skills you have mastered. Don't just show final results. Also initiations in sketch stage and ideas. And images such as floor plans and cross-sections and surroundings in different scales, details, etc.

  •  Various design work – in images – in which you show what your visual skills are, such as hand sketches, models, visuals, diagrams and models.

  • Work from relevant work experience or courses with which you can show your design knowledge

  • Your own fascinations within the profession – make sure you show us this!

Gaining practical experience is an important part of the master’s programme. At the start of the study (or shortly afterwards), the student must be working in a workplace relevant to the study. Please click here to learn more about this concurrent model.


Candidates whose native language is not English must be able to demonstrate a command of English at level B2 (Dutch: Havo level) of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), or equivalent. The language level must be demonstrated with the result of an English language test (TOEFL, IELTS), or a list of marks from a previous study, or another document that unequivocally shows that the command of English is at the required level.

International candidates who pass the first selection are invited for a short (online) interview with the admissions committee. During this conversation, the proficiency in the English language will become apparent.

Application procedure

Studielink is the official Dutch registration website for higher education. To apply for the master's degree program you must first register in Studielink. You need a copy of your ID to do so. If you officially live in the Netherlands (i.e. you are registered in a Dutch municipality) you must use DigiD to log in to Studielink (DigiD is a personal code that gives access to websites of the Dutch government.). If you are not (yet) registered in the Netherlands, you do not have a DigiD code and you must log in with a Studielink username and password. You will need to create an account. When selecting the course of your choice, use the following options when asked:

Then follow the steps to log in. When selecting the programme, choose the following options when prompted:

After completing your registration in Studielink, you will receive an automatic e-mail with information on where and how to upload the required documents. On this Academy of Architecture upload page, we will ask you for the following:

  • A copy of your passport or identity card
  • A recent passport photo in JPEG format. This will be used for your student card if you are admitted
  • Diploma(s) and marksheets from the study at question 1. If the diploma is yet to be obtained, upload a note with the expected date, but send the diploma to Theo Peters before 1 September. Also upload the pre-master's certificate, if applicable in your case. 
  • Curriculum Vitae. We do not require specific software knowledge, but would like to know if you have any. If so, please mention these in your CV! 
  • Motivation (maximum 500 words). Upload a short motivation why you are specifically applying for the Academy of Architecture Amsterdam and this graduate programme. 
  • Proof of command of the English language. Students must have sufficient command of the English language, equivalent to level B2 (Havo level) of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Upload proof or explanation. 
  • Link to portfolio (max. about 20 pages!) Accessible link to your online portfolio. The portfolio must be accessible at least until 1 September. Make sure it is publicly accessible to us, without the use of login codes or login procedures. See also the portfolio tips & tricks in the 'entry requirements' block above!

Please note that by April 1st, both your Studielink registration must be completed and the necessary documents for registration must be submitted.

Frequently asked questions


A selection procedure is part of admission to one of the master's programmes at the Academy of Architecture. Selection is based on motivation, portfolio, and the requirements set. Every year, more students apply than we can admit, which is why the selection is careful. We also pay attention to a balanced mix in the cohort to be admitted.

Candidates who do not qualify after an initial assessment will be notified as soon as possible, but not before 1 April. Candidates who do pass the first round of selection may be invited for a 15-minute online interview with one or two members of the admissions committee in April or May. 

Within three weeks of uploading your application documents, you will receive confirmation of receipt from the Academy of Architecture and information about the rest of the procedure. If you have not received a message by the end of this period, please contact

We expect to give the final results as soon as possible in June. If you are admitted, you will start the academic year on Wednesday 21 August 2024.

More tips and tricks for a good portfolio


Tuition fees

What costs to expect for your studies


Finding your way in Amsterdam

Moving to Amsterdam? Find a brief starting guide here!


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