We are looking for practical experience coaches in Landscape Architecture

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The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture has a concurrent educational model, meaning students study at the Academy on Fridays and some evenings whilst gaining professional experience during the rest of the week. Students work at least 20 hours a week from Monday to Thursday, usually 32 hours. Our students are in charge of their professional experience; they look for work themselves and ensure that the work matches the professional experience curriculum. In doing so, we guide our students as best we can. An important tool we use for this are coaches for professional experience. The Academy has three coaches for architecture students, one for landscape architecture students and two for urban planning students.

The Academy wants to expand the team of practical experience coaches and is looking for a Coach Landscape Architecture. Complementing the work of the professional experience coordinator, the coach guides students during their professional experience:

  • In the first year, the coach attends the information session and has an introductory meeting with a group of students the coach will supervise;
  • In the first semester, the coach visits the employers of the first-year students and has a starter interview with the student and employer together;
  • These interviews are recorded in reports available to the professional experience coordinator and the students.
  • In December, the coach conducts group discussions with first-year students on their professional experience, preparation of practice documents, and the annual professional experience assessment in April.
  • The coach helps students find work upon request and if necessary. This includes helping them prepare a cover letter, create a portfolio, and give advice on application procedures.
  • In the second semester, the coach makes desk visits to second-and third-year students;
  • For second, third and fourth-year students whom the coach has supervised in the first year, the coach - alongside the coordinator of professional experience - remains available for advice;
  • The work is coordinated and further shaped with the professional experience coordinator and the other coaches.

The work is done freelance, averaging about half a day a week. It is remunerated based on time spent expressed in College Units (CEs), where one CE equals 3.6 hours. The remuneration as of 1 January 2024 is €170 per CE.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is a Landscape Architect;
  • Enjoys coaching students during their professional experience;
  • Has extensive work experience as a Landscape Architect;
  • Has the time to fill an average, flexible half-day per week;
  • Is a solid interlocutor for employers;
  • Is proficient in Dutch and English. The Academy has around 30% international students.

Does this appeal to you, or do you have any questions? Then contact the coordinator professional experience Nico van Bockhooven. Nico.vanbockhooven@ahk.nl or 06 54378991.