Coen Pronk

Coen Pronk

Landscape Architecture

Weer Meer Leven

More Life Again
 - revival of the lake of Veere after a silent death

The water quality in the Netherlands is substandard and does not meet the requiries. The lake of Veere in Zeeland also has significant problems with water quality. There is even spoken of a “Silent death of the lake of Veere”.    

The first symptoms of oxygen deficiency are already visible three metres below the water surface. At a depth of six metres, there is no longer healthy life. This is mainly due to a lack of oxygen that occurs in the summer. Stratification occurs in the water, creating a warm and oxygen-rich upper layer and a cold and oxygen-poor lower layer. Due to a lack of life on the bottom, no organisms can break down the organic material. This creates a sludge layer that requires a lot of oxygen for decomposition, causing more oxygen deficiency.  

The downward spiral can be broken by reconnecting the Veerse Meer with the surrounding waters. The salty conditions are embraced, and oxygen-rich water can reach the lake. In addition, the water starts moving, which is vital for mixing the water layers. To capture the nutrient-rich polder water, purification polders are added between the pumping stations and the lake. Products are grown here that absorb nutrients.  

Ecology will have more space to bring the systems back into balance. New opportunities for recreation and agriculture arise due to the salty conditions. The different landscapes that are present each have a different character and their own circumstances. This requires crops that match this and make the landscape more diverse and future-proof.    

The landscape is accessible via the existing and new dikes. These dikes often border two different landscapes, so a visit is never dull. Here, you can experience the life of the lake of Veere at various points.  


Graduation date: 28 August 2023
Graduation committee: Jorryt Braaksma (mentor), Mirte van Laarhoven, Mark van Heukelum
Additional members for the exam: Jana Crepon, Remco van der Togt  

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