Tom van Boekel

Tom van Boekel

Landscape Architecture

Radicale Regeneratie Amterdam – RRA

Radical Regeneration Amsterdam
From Gross National Product to Gross National Well-being 

With this plan, we aim to address urgent challenges comprehensively and make greening a natural part of it. The goal is to shift the city's focus from Gross National Product (GNP) to Gross National Well-being (GNW), with attention to measurable outcomes such as property value, reduced healthcare costs, and unmeasurable aspects for the benefit of the new generation.    

This plan should be part of Amsterdam Metropool Solutions (AMS) and demonstrates lines, points, and places where all guiding principles can be applied. While there may be more urgent locations, they represent the guiding principles. The ultimate aim is for the city to adhere to these guiding principles to enhance the Gross National Well-being.    

The focus lies in transforming and diversifying housing typologies and facilitating a new mobility strategy. By transforming existing housing typologies and creating diverse living forms, we can cater to residents' diverse needs and preferences, contributing to an inclusive and mixed living environment.    

Furthermore, it's important to develop a new mobility strategy. This includes investments in sustainable public transportation, improving cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, and promoting shared mobility solutions. The objective is to reduce dependence on individual car travel and strive for more sustainable and efficient mobility, with pedestrians and cyclists taking priority.    

By addressing these two themes, other issues such as climate, biodiversity, energy, and the economy can be integrated as co-benefits with a strong foundation of greening. We aim for an inclusive and sustainable living environment by transforming housing typologies, promoting a new mobility strategy, and integrating other relevant themes. This not only enhances diversity in housing options but also improves the accessibility, livability, and environmental friendliness of the city.  

Graduation date: 12 July 2023 
Graduation committee: Ruut van Paridon (mentor), Burton Hamfelt, Geert Timmermans 
Additional members for the exam: Jana Crepon, Hanna Prinsen

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