Kilian Lode

Kilian Lode


Dirigeren van Verandering

Directing Change
Comprehensive future perspective for the region of Zwolle


Since the advent of the automobile, much of our living environment in the Netherlands has been designed with one primary purpose: facilitating flow. Whether it's traffic, water, agricultural production, public transportation, cycling infrastructure, energy, or economic activities, all of these interests have often been prioritised over the quality of our living environment.    

Recent challenges facing the Netherlands, such as climate change, traffic congestion, the housing crisis, and the nitrogen deposition crisis, underscore that not all forms of flow can be endlessly accommodated in our living environment. Choices must be made, with the quality of our living environment taking precedence. To provide a comprehensive perspective to stakeholders, I have created a music score for the living environment. In this spatial score, spatial principles are organised by theme and location, providing an overview of the challenges for all relevant themes within the entire region.  

Creating a high-quality living environment requires a similar approach to composing a beautiful piece of music, where each instrument plays its own melody and sometimes remains silent. In the region of  Zwolle, the car currently takes centre stage and drowns out all other instruments of the living environment. Only when all instruments are harmoniously aligned can a living environment be created that is both sustainable and attractive for the future.    

The unattractive and anonymous urban fringe of Zwolle clearly demonstrates where the car has had the greatest impact. In my graduation project, I aim to revitalise this urban fringe into a vibrant city district seamlessly integrated with the surrounding landscape. This transformation will introduce a high-density urban environment replete with essential amenities and the establishment of a new train station. This new city district will be within cycling distance of the cultural city centre and within walking distance of a diverse and natural landscape, enhancing the quality of the entire region. 

Graduation date: 21 August 2023 
Graduation committee: Jaap Brouwer (mentor), Yttje Feddes, Henk Snel  
Additional members for the exam: Hans van der Made, Herman Zonderland 

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