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Building towards a sustainable future


As a renowned teaching and research institute, we offer an inspiring environment for architecture, urbanism, and landscape architecture students. With our unique teaching model, you can spend half your time in practice. Thanks to this concurrent model, you build your knowledge and skills and a professional network. After completing one of our Master's programmes, you will have direct access to the Register of Architects, ensuring a smooth transition into your professional career.

Sustainability is at the heart of our curriculum and research. We challenge our students to discover spatial solutions to the urgent and complex issues caused by climate change, social inequality and biodiversity loss. With your expertise as a designer, you will contribute to creating solutions that promote the liveability of our planet.

Our education emphasises expertise and innovation, focusing on sustainable design practices. Our close collaboration between architecture, urbanism, and landscape architecture gives you a unique learning experience. You not only explore your own field but also learn how to contribute transdisciplinaryly to a sustainable and resilient future.

Discover the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture and get inspired to transform the world.


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