REFLECTION - Graduation Catalogue 2023


REFLECTION delves into the interplay between personal expression and established design conventions. Just as we stand still and look into a mirror to see ourselves, designers, too, must pause to assess their work and creative journey. Many graduation projects are not only evidence of design talent, but also of an investigation into a systemic improvement of the design process itself by looking from the beginning at the causes of the problems they identify.

The graduation exhibition in November 2023 celebrated the designers' pursuit of mirroring their inner worlds, championing authenticity and individuality in their creations. Conversely, designers grapple with external pressures and industry norms that shape their creative processes. REFLECTION highlighted the delicate equilibrium they must navigate between staying true to themselves and meeting external expectations.

We invite you to pause and look into a mirror. Take a moment to reflect as we navigate toward the future. All the designs you can find here testify to the graduates' engagement with the challenges of our time. Their often systemic rethinking of processes is a self-reflective practice that we hope will have inspired many future students and visitors alike.


Rosa Jonkman
James Heus
Madeleine Maaskant
Janna Bystrykh
Anna Gasco
Markus Appenzeller
David Keuning

Mildred Zomerdijk

Roos Bekkenkamp

Mainstudio (Edwin van Gelder, Moritz Eggmann)

REFLECTION - Graduation Catalogue 2023
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