Drawing Artist in Residence Alexander Brodsky on display at Cityscapes Foundation

Winter School 2019 © Jonathan Andrew

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During our Winter School 2019, Artist in Residence Alexander Brodsky made a drawing of an iconic city view. Cityscapes Foundation presents this drawing from June 27 to July 27.

Winter School 2019
Alexander Brodsky (1955) is one of the best-known Russian architects, mainly due to his "paper architecture". Last winter, Brodsky curated the Winter School 2019 at the Academy of Architecture as an Artist in Residence. The Artist in Residence program is an initiative of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Brodsky's project focused on collaboration between students, the realization that together you are capable of things that you cannot do on your own. 136 students worked for 2 weeks at scale models of buildings. The result: a fantastic city of clay.

Exhibition “City of Clay”
As a reflection of this clay city, Brodsky drew an iconic city view in the same 2 weeks: a drawing of 10 meters long. This drawing is on display at Cityscapes Foundation.

Alexander Brodsky
Brodsky's work has previously been shown at the Venice Architecture Biennale (2016), at the Tchoban Foundation in Berlin (2015), at the Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art (2013), at the Architecturzentrum in Vienna (2011), the Musée du Louvre in Paris (2010) and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (2006).

For more information and opening times, visit cityscapesfoundation.nl.