P6 / Cuba / Havana Almendares river

The artery to an adaptive and prosperous future for Havana.

The subject of the P6 studio was a regional design project in the area of the Almendares river; the main and most important river in Havana, which reflects on many issues concerning the city as a whole. The Almendares river has been connected to the city of Havana since its foundation in 1519, with different functions: potable water, economic and production backbone and as tipping point in urbanization.

Students developed a regional vision on the scale of the urbanised part of the Almendares valley. The vision encompassed the role and further development of the landscape of the Almendares river valley in the city of Havana and its relation to the urbanized landscape on its banks. The development of a strategic plan for a subarea was also part of the P6 studio. Students had to be specific about the chosen area to make sure that the design envisioned the development at regional scale.

The P6 tutors were Iruma Rodriguez and Jandirk Hoekstra. The P6 studio was a parallel studio together with New York Columbia University’s Urban Design Graduation Studio taught by Julia Bourdova and Olga Aleksakova.



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