Juliana Perrone Celotti

Juliana Perrone Celotti


United Indigenous Nation

A platform to all indigenous people to debate - express themselves - exchange knowledge 

To protect the indigenous people is to protect the environment and the earth’s future.  

The indigenous protection law has always been a big discussion in Brazil. Still, this has been in considerable danger in the last few years because the current administration wants to open indigenous lands for mineral exploration. Miners and loggers put a lot of pressure on their land, putting the 305 different ethnicities at risk.    

Nowadays, a movement of the young indigenous generation started to articulate accurate information about them and their cultures to inform people and ask for help. To do this, they use Instagram and other social media.   

Through my analyses, I found a massive shortage in their representation in the country, especially regarding architecture or their governmental organization.     

Rio de Janeiro is the most history-rich city in Brazil; it is the postcard of Brazil abroad. Sadly there is no indigenous representation in architecture or through a monument.   

My proposal incorporates those problems and wants to add a platform to Guanabara bay for all indigenous people to debate, express themselves and exchange knowledge. A floating park which will not just invite people to learn more about nature but also be a place to live for different species of animals above and under the water. When you take something from nature, you have to give back in the way of protecting the environment. This is exactly what this green platform is and wants to do together with the museum of tomorrow.  


Afstudeerdatum: 2 februari 2022
Afstudeercommissie: Stephan Verkuijlen (mentor), Raul Correa-Smith, Jorn Konijn
Toegevoegde leden tbv examen: Abdessamed Azarfane, Jo Barnett

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