Our mission

The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture offers courses by designers for designers. It targets students who are motivated and equipped for design practice and selects tutors who have distinguished themselves in the practice of design and research.

Students are trained in spatial design as a practical and critical discipline at the point of intersection of art, science and technology. The deliberate decision to link it with arts education (Amsterdam University of the Arts AHK) underlines the particular importance that the Academy attaches to the artistic aspect of the exercise of the profession.

high-quality learning environment

The Academy aims to provide a small-scale, high-quality learning environment with an open climate and with an emphasis on the determination of their own positions by tutors and students. An international orientation is an inevitable part of this.

Architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture are viewed as three complete, independent disciplines. This does alter the fact that the three disciplines are deliberately offered simultaneously and partly in combination. This is to prepare the student for an integrated exercise of the profession.

Specific locations in the Netherlands and abroad are the designer’s laboratory. The city of Amsterdam, the location of the Academy, is actively deployed in the course as a social building, a historic work of art, and an ongoing design challenge.