Diversity and Inclusion

At the Academy of Architecture, we aim to realize a culture in which every student, teacher, staff and visitors feel safe and valued. An Academy where everyone can thrive and feel welcome. 

Currently, the Academy of Architecture hosts a mix of individuals from different cultural and social backgrounds. This applies to the three master's programs, in architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture. We make explicit choices as we form educational groups, to guarantee cultural and disciplinary diversity without exclusion. We foster an inspiring intercultural learning environment in which exchange is encouraged. Students learn to communicate and work with students and lecturers from different cultural backgrounds. The International Classroom is central to our educational philosophy and practical approach. It is the backbone to all activities that aim to maximise the impact and the results of our education. 

Diversity and inclusion are terms fundamental to an environment where students, lecturers, staff and visitors feel safe and valued. 

Diversity at the Academy of Architecture is about having students, faculty and staff with different experiences, ideas and perspectives. At the Academy, we want to represent the diversity of society in terms of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age and socioeconomic background. In recent years, the Academy's student population has been very diverse. The Academy's faculty and staff population has become increasingly diverse. But that does not necessarily mean that the Academy is inclusive.   

Inclusion at the Academy of Architecture means a learning and working environment where everyone feels safe and at home, regardless of background, and an environment where everyone can develop their talents.   

With the Diversity & Inclusion Action Plan, we want to foster a diverse and inclusive learning and working environment. Our actionplan is an 'ongoing' plan and it consists of 5 parts.