The Examination Committee of the Academy of Architecture

What does the Examination Committee do?
Within the Academy of Architecture, the EC has a supervising role. The EC is independent and monitors the quality of examinations and assessments in relation to the formulated final terms of the study programs. In this sense, the EC plays an important role in the awarding of the degree. Students, teachers and the professional field should be able to trust the diplomas have been awarded in a careful manner.

The EC does not itself conduct examinations, but it appoints examiners, formulates guidelines for conducting examinations, prepare examinations, prevent fraud, monitoring the quality of assessments and decide on received objections, exemptions and personalized study trajectories. The Education and Examination Regulations (EER) is the guideline for the EC’s decisions, as well as the Study Guide, which contains the programs’ final terms. Additionally, the EC provides solicited and unsolicited advice on topics related to the quality of the examinations. 

When to contact the examination committee?
If all goes well, students will not notice the examination committee’s work much. In case of questions or problems with examinations and assessments it is advisable to first consult the teacher(s) involved or the head of department. And although the examination committee formally decides, applying for exemptions or a personalized study trajectory is primarily done with the study advisor and head of department. In case of problems with your studies you can consult the study advisor.

If none of this offers a solution, you can consider contacting the examination committee:
• If you feel that something went wrong in an assessment process or if you challenge the outcome of an assessment and consultation with the teacher, examiner or the head of department has not provided a solution.
• If you feel that something went wrong in the granting of exemptions or designing a personalized study trajectory. 

How to contact the examination committee?
The examination committee may be contacted through its secretary, Irene Noordkamp at Make sure to add your name, student number, address, telephone number and e-mail adress with every request. Also indicate your discipline and study year. Describe the request, complaint or objection as clearly as possible and make sure to base it on the regulations from the Study Guide and the EER. You will receive a reply within 4 working weeks. 

Who is in the examination committee?
• Arjan Klok (chairman), urbanist and head of the Urbanism department at the Academy of Architecture.
• Peter Defesche (teaching member), teacher in Architecture at the Academy of Architecture.
• Wim Voogt (teaching member), teacher in Landscape Architecture at the Academy of Architecture.
• Nancy van Asseldonk (external member), teacher information management en study leader in the bachelor at the Reinwardt Academy.
• Irene Noordkamp, (administrative secretary)  member of the Academy of Architecture’s study secretariat.