The model workshop is fitted with basic equipment and is in the first instance intended for students who want to get on with the work but do not have the space or the equipment to do so at home. It is therefore not only a classroom but especially a workshop for the individual student.

Students can only use the model workshop after attending the introduction meeting at the beginning of the first year. After that, the following applies: the model workshop has a 'public' part that is accessible during Academy opening hours. The second, locked area (with the tools & machines) is accessible only under the supervision of one of the instructors. Instructor presence is generally on Fridays.

As of academic year '23-'24, the use of styrofoam (polystyrene) is not permitted in the academy building (models made outside the building may be stored or displayed in the Academy). As of now, 100% biobased biofoam is available in the model workshop. Space has been created for two spots for foam cutting. This will be done with air ventilation, to avoid possible smell nuisance and respiratory irritation. The biofoam will be sold for the same price as the styrofoam in the near future, which is our investment in the use of sustainable materials.