Programme details
Study load30 EC
PeriodSeptember - January
TeachersJos Rijs, Marlies Boterman

Minor in Architecture

Studio Amsterdam teaches how to search for the unknown, work on the basis of your intuition and discover happy accidents. The local environment, the city, the water and the many great architects and artists in the city form the point of departure for this.

Enjoying the profession
Studio Amsterdam works on the basis of enjoyment and curiosity, adapting the customary steps in a design process, such as analysing the programme of requirements. It is enormously inspiring to learn from the work of others and also to look at other fields within the arts. During the Minor, you will look at how you can work on the basis of an image, a certain material and the inspiration of the city. Research, analysis, conceptualisation, production and presentation merge seamlessly within a design process that may seem chaotic, but is an attractive way of creating architecture.

We walk through the city, visit architects and artists, invite people to talk about their fascinations and we learn about the most distinctive places and buildings in the city.

During the Minor in Architecture, you will work a lot with scale models and photography. What happens when you simply begin and let the material speak for itself? By working with an open mind based on the characteristics of well-known materials, such as cardboard, wood or brick, you will arrive at designs that you would never have been able to conceive before. Through creating and building, you will examine the possibilities of materials and spaces. That does not mean that factors such as the location, the construction and the details are not important, but architecture becomes so much more interesting if you do not conceive exactly what has to happen in advance. Architecture is not a case of filling in the blanks.

Architecture tells a story. By communicating, discussing and presenting your work, you will reflect on your work and learn how to further refine your work. Architects make use of all kinds of means of communication: drawings, scale models, computer animations, photos, texts etc. Which way of communicating works best in order to present your plan convincingly? We can learn a lot from the advertising world in this field. You will learn how to communicate your plan in an unambiguous and clear message.

Admission requirements
Dutch HBO Bachelor’s in Architecture or equivalent study programme. Your home institution must be affiliated with the Dutch organisation Kies op Maat.

Course dates
The Minor begins in September. The final presentation will take place in Januay. Classes are held on weekdays during the day and sometimes at night.

Registration procedure
Registration via the Dutch organization Kies op Maat.