Internal curriculum

The Academy assumes that urbanism students have acquired a basic knowledge of the more sectoral disciplines, such as civil engineering, traffic engineering or geomorphology, as well as of town and urban planning and spatial-judicial aspects of the profession, during their prior education. The focus of the teaching is, therefore, on urban planning-related thinking and design.

The three Master’s study programmes last four years in principle and each has an identical structure. During the six teaching semesters, which precede graduation, projects, research and lectures are offered in parallel. They are supplemented by morphology classes in the first three semesters, a graduation clinic in the third year and interim Winter Schools. During these educational elements, there is not only a focus on the development of knowledge and skills, but students actively work on their own portfolio.

Design projects as backbone
The design projects form the backbone of the study. On the basis of a concrete design assignment, students develop knowledge, insight and skills. The central focus of the exercises is the training of skills in the areas that are essential for the recognition, solving and transmission of the design issue, such as analysis techniques, repertoire knowledge, materialisation, text analysis and writing. The exercises are usually linked to design projects. During the morphology classes, students practise with various materials and media while translating an idea into a creation. Students work independently or in small groups.

Elective programme
In addition to the fixed study programme, there is also space for electives outside your own specialisation, in which you can supplement your main subject at your own discretion and according to your needs. The Academy offers, among other things, the Self-management seminar, topical workshops and study trips. The Academy regularly invites foreign students to the workshops and attracts renowned designers from the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, the Academy stimulates study at foreign study programmes. 

The Academy has its own place in the cultural life of Amsterdam and explicitly positions itself in professional discussions. Throughout the year, we organise the 1·Lectures series which deal with thematic and topical subjects in the field of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture, both nationally and internationally.

Research groups
Every year, new research groups commence at the Academy, which are engaged in the exchange of knowledge between education and the professional field. The current research group is named Future Urban Regions and is headed by Eric Frijters.

Minor and pre-master
The Academy also offers a minor in Urbanism & Landscape Architecture and a pre-master in Urbanism & Landscape Architecture.