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Study guide 2020-2021

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Study programme

The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture combines an internal and external curriculum. Both the students and the lecturers of the Academy are right at the centre of the practice of design and research. In this way, you will form part of a broad network of peers during your study.

Combination study and work
The Academy has worked with an educational model since its establishment in which theory and practice enrich each other mutually. In this ‘concurrency’ model, students work three or four days in actual practice and have lessons at the Academy on Fridays and an average of two evenings per week. Work and study supplement each other forming a full-time study programme and the credits are awarded proportionately.

The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture is a study programme for designers by designers. Traditionally, we work with guest lecturers who have distinguished themselves in the practice of design and research. Approximately 350 guest lecturers are involved in the education each year. This structure lends an enormous dynamism and inspiration and ensures that the study programmes remain keenly tailored to current events in the profession.

In addition, we invite an artist-in-residence each year and renowned guest speakers from the Netherlands and abroad. In recent years, this has included, among others, Wiel Arets, Riek Bakker, Petra Blaisse, Stefano Broeri, Adam Caruso, Felix Claus, Jo Coenen, Michel Desvigne, Andrea Desplazes, Jo Crepain, Antonio Cruz & Antonio Ortiz, Jürg Conzett, Peter Cook, Yona Friedman, Christophe Girot, John Habraken, Charles Jencks, Eelco Hooftman, Hans Kolhoff, Steven Holl, Herman Hertzberger, Miroko Kira, Rem Koolhaas, Rob Krier, Liesbeth van der Pol, Cristian Rapp, Marc Treib, Günther Vogt, David Watkin and Hajime Yatsuka.

The course direction is in the hands of director Madeleine Maaskant and three heads of the study programmes. The current Head of Urbanism is Markus Appenzeller

More about the guest lecturers

Accreditation and degree

The master's programme in Urbanism has been positively assessed by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). This means that upon successful completion of the programme students will receive a legally accredited master's degree in Urbanism and the title Master Urbanism. Only accreditated degree programmes are listed in the Dutch central register of higher education programmes (CROHO).

More information on accreditation and degrees


Study guide 2020-2021

Download (PDF)