Career prospects

The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture stimulates its students to get the maximum out of their talents. This results in an exceptionally high level and the work of students from the Academy is regularly awarded the Archiprix or other prizes.

After the Master’s programme in Architecture, you will have access to a broad and well-grounded range of design and research tools and you will be able to operate as an architect both nationally and internationally. Moreover, you will be able to effectively collaborate with other disciplines in the design, planning and implementation process as an independent designer within a bureau, or you can begin your own bureau.

Shifts and the essence of the profession
While the architect was previously a real master builder who influenced the entire building process, his or her role is currently more that of a designing party within larger processes. An architect must be able to anticipate changes in the use and functioning of buildings. However, it remains the architect’s duty to provide a meaningful architectural answer to all preconditions, requirements and ambitions. In this way, the architect adopts a central position within the design process.


The Architecture degree from the Academy of Architecture gives graduates the right to independent professional practice as an Architect and meets the admission requirements of the various registers that are formulated in the Dutch Academic Titles (Architects) Act. The graduate has direct access to the Dutch Register of Architects.