Form Studies

Form is an integral part of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture, if not the main basis of these fields of study.
Different professional disciplines mean a difference in scale, approach and execution; engagement, craftsmanship, conceptual thinking, experimentation, research and strategy are essential principles in all fields.
Form Studies are not only governed by a physical or traditional appearance. Form Studies is expressed analogue, digital and virtual form or a combination hereof.

The main objectives are the development of one’s own signature, the ability to establish mutual (cross-disciplinary) connections, and to develop a critical and independent attitude, in which reflection and archiving of the research process is necessary for personal development.

The Form Studies Form and Concept seeks an integrated connection with the curriculum.
Operating between, parallel to, across and beyond existing disciplines is an enrichment of the thought and design process and is in line with trends in society and the professional practice.

Coordinator: Henri Snel / In addition to coordinating the Form Studies, he is also involved in the graduation of various students.
Guest teachers 2019-2021: Krisztina de Châtel, Dries van der Post, Leonora Oppenheim, Klaske Bruinsma, Emma Hoette, Marjolein Roeleveld, Maria Blaisse, Edwin Deen, Ruud op den Kelder, Daja Brinkman, Jilt van Moorst, Aron Fels, Harry Schreurs, Baukje Trenning, Bram de Jonghe, Abla Bahrawy, Elena Khurtova, Kristin Hollingsworth, Hans van der Pas, Sanne Bruggink, Curdin Tones, Erick de Lyon, Krijn de Koning, Cedric Van Parys, Ronja Andersen, Marius Schwarz, Charlotte Schrameijer, Mieke de Roo, Merijn Bolink, Johann Arens, Popel Coumou, Tanja Smeets, Nils Johannesson & Bats Bronsveld.