Real Urbanism, decisive interventions

Ton Schaap (2018)

Real Urbanism is a book for and by lovers of cities. Eleven authors wrote stories about places in the world that can be regarded as examples of successful urban planning. This book contains stories about Amsterdam, Rotterdam, New York, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Venice, Barcelona, ​​London, New York, Edinburgh and St. Petersburg. Young urban planners made the drawings for each chapter. The photography of Theo Baart and the graphic design of Irma Boom have led to a unique presentation in book form.

This publication originates from the research group Design in Urbanism (2011-2014) lectorate at the Academy of Architecture under the direction of Ton Schaap (senior Urbanist at the Amsterdam Planning Department). The book costs € 69.50 and is available through the publisher Architecture and Natura.

Authors: Ton Schaap, Maurits de Hoog, Martijn de Wit, Neil Simpson, Aart Oxenaar, Wilfrioed van Winden, Joan Busquets, Floris Alkemade, Leo Lemmers, Naohiko Hino, Frits Palmboom.
Photography: Theo Baart
Graphic design: Irma Boom

Real Urbanism, decisive interventions
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