Music, space and architecture

Maarten Kloos, Justin Bennett, Cilia Erens (2012)

The relationship between architecture and music has a long and difficult history. The subject is usually examined from the perspective of one particular discipline or the other. The book 'Music, Space and Architecture' offers a new approach that builds on the idea of space as a medium between music and architecture.

Using a multidisciplinary approach contributors raise the question how sound (and music) influences the atmosphere of a building and vice versa. How does the design of space influence the sound of this space? How is this experience interpreted at the scale of urban and architectural space, in experimental forms of space and in the more diffuse realm of intrinsic space? And how can the knowledge and insight aquired through research be deployed in spatial design? What makes the perfect music hall?

The book 'Music, Space and Architecture' contains contributions by Maarten Kloos, Justin Bennett, Cilia Erens, Rob Metkemeijer, Sjoers Soeters, Jacob Voorthuis, Machiel Spaan, Berend Jan Bockting, Lieselore Maes, Sebastian Janusz, Baryy Blasser, Linda-Ruth Salter, Raviv Ganchrow and Bart Visser. 

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