Go with me: 50 steps to landscape thinking

Thomas Oles; met Marieke Timmermans, Jacques Abelman (2013)

Go with me: 50 Steps to Landscape Thinking is written by writer and landscape architect Thomas Oles (USA, 1972). He has gathered his ideas about landscape thinking and the landscape architecture profession in a handy booklet.

Thomas Oles was a lecturer at the Academy of Architecture for the Living Landscape program. The book is meant as a tool for students of landscape architecture and planning, and all those who share their curiosity about landscape. The title is an English translation of the Latin word vademecum. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a vademecum was ‘a book or manual suitable for carrying about with one for ready reference’, ‘a thing commonly carried about by a person as being of some service to him’. A vademecum was meant to be actively used, made grimy with repeated thumbings in the field. 

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