Drawing time

Noël van Dooren (2017)

Drawing Time. The Representation of Change and Dynamics in Dutch Landscape
Architectural Practice after 1985

His doctoral thesis ‘Drawing Time’ deals with drawings, time and professional practice. How is the important concept of ‘time’ reflected in the drawings of landscape architects? Or do we not see that at all, because they draw in the tradition of architects, with the accent on space and not on time? The doctoral thesis is a historical-theoretical study; an exploration of thought and action in the current professional practice and a voyage of discovery through new drawings with a strong focus on time.

Noël van Dooren is professor of Sustainable Foodscapes in Urban Regions at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Velp and guest lecturer at the Academy of Architecture. He has previously worked, among others, with H+N+S landscape architects, as a freelance designer and researcher. He is also publicist for the Dutch journal for landscape architecture and urban design Blauwe Kamer and the international Journal of Landscape Architecture (JOLA).

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Drawing time
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