Crafting the Facade - Stone Brick Wood

Carmen Rist-Stadelmann, Machiel Spaan, Urs Meister (2018)

Over the course of three years, the Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein, the Mackintosh School of Art in Glasgow and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, examined aspects of the subject of façades across Europe. By analyzing different architectural traditions and techniques and focusing on the materials most widely used in the European context, the international cooperation looked at historical developments in the design and building of façades, the theoretical underpinnings that can explain these developments, as well as common materials and their main characteristics, with the aim to develop new approaches to the construction of façades. Design studios were set up at all three universities to experiment with different techniques, materials and approaches.

Crafting the Façade presents the findings of this interdisciplinary study along with the results of the design studios — detailed hand drawings at a scale of 1:10 and life-size prototypes in stone, brick and wood — all of which are reproduced in this richly illustrated volume.

Crafting the Façade is an Erasmus+ program of the Academy of Architecture, University of Liechtenstein and the Glasgow School of Art.

The book Stone Brick Wood is for sale for € 38, - via Park Books.
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Crafting the Facade - Stone Brick Wood
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