Body/Space: Krisztina de Châtel artist in residence

Marijke Hoogenboom, Francine van der Wiel, Noël van Dooren (2008)

Every year, the Artist in Residence programme provides the Academy of Architecture with the opportunity to invite a well-known and renowned person from another discipline. The work and the manner of working should lead to a stimulating confrontation with the field of architectural education; instructive for the Academy and for the guest artist involved. In 2006-2007, the choreographer Krisztina de Châtel was Artist in Residence (with her dance group). Under the motto Body/Space, she presented six lectures as part of the Capita Selecta series and she was manager of the international Winter Workshop.

Among the spatial artists who are choreographers, just like architects, the Hungarian-Dutch de Châtel is a full-blooded ‘builder’, who often seems to want to challenge the transience of her medium with her dance compositions – the most fundamental (literal) distinction between architecture and dance.

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