Study and disability
If you require certain facilities or changes in order to complete your study and/or sit interim examinations/final examinations as a result of an impairment (such as dyslexia), you can contact the student counsellor. 

Student counsellor
Our student counsellor can offer help with practical or personal matters that could influence the course of your study. All discussions are confidential. Together you will look at which facilities or adjustments you need in order to be able to complete your study, where necessary in consultation with the management of the Academy or other people within the AHK. The student counsellor can also refer students to bodies outside the AHK. Are you considering a study at the Academy of Architecture and would you like to have a conversation about extra facilities or adjustments? You can make an appointment with our student counsellor via the study secretary, mail to

Training sessions and courses
Each year, the AHK offers a number of training sessions and courses that cater to issues that could hinder your study progress, such as a study-related stress/fear of failure training course and a planning and time management training session. Please see here for more information.