The demand for student housing in Amsterdam is high. It won’t be easy to find accommodation, however it’s not impossible. The organizations listed below may be able to help you:

- Hicondo - independent apartments in a modern complex located in Amsterdam-Zuidoost
- AHK housing information - higher educational institutions in Amsterdam working together to increase the number of student accommodation
- The Student Hotel - all-inclusive student accommodation with a shortstay contract
- Studentenwoningweb - collaboration of housing corporations
- Lieven de Key - affordable furnished rooms in and around Amsterdam for international students
- Stichting DUWO - specialist in student housing
- Ymere - housing in Metropoolregio Amsterdam (Dutch)
- Shortstay contract for international students -
- Housing Anywhere - housing portal of Amsterdam University of the Arts, for incoming international students
- Student Experience - student accommodation at great locations
- Facebook group - looking for a room, studio or apartment?