I want more general information on student affairs, visa, etc, where can I find this information
Please take a look at the following websites:

Main website Amsterdam University of the Arts
For all student affairs / practical matters etc. 
Visa procedures
Tuition fees 2020-2021
NUFFIC – diploma recognition 
Student Health Insurance in The Netherlands

Does the Academy of Architecture assist in finding housing?
The Academy of Architecture does not assist in finding housing. Some options and tips can be found on our website

I am a non-EEA national, can I obtain a working permit for the Netherlands?
In general: Dutch law does not allow students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) to work in a regular employment.  The Academy of Architecture is an exception to this rule. A limited number of non-EEA students is permitted to have a regular employment in the Netherlands for a maximum of 20 hours per week under a number of strict conditions. But only if the students are enrolled as four-year Master students, and have the approval of the Academy of Architecture.

Is it obligatory to work during the Master’s programs at the Academy of Architecture?
Yes, the Master’s programs are based on a concurrent education model, which means professional experience is gained simultaneously with the study. Students have to work at least 20 hours a week in a work environment that is relevant to their study program.

My portfolio cannot be digitized because of its shape. What can I do?
In any case you will have to upload a digital portfolio that shows your design talent and design experience. Create one if you do not have a digital portfolio yet. If a candidate wants to submit a physical copy then that’s possible only to supplement the mandatory digital portfolio. In that case, first contact avb-studiesecretariaat@ahk.nl.

When is the application deadline?
The deadline for international applications is April 1st.

I applied for a Master’s programme, when will I receive the results of the application procedure?
We aim to make the result known around June 1.

How can I upload my portfolio online for the application procedure?
The portfolio should be available online and downloadable through a link (if you use ISSUU for example, make sure that the settings are such that the document can be downloaded), you can copy this link in the Application form you will receive after enrolment in Studielink. There are several ways to share documents in the cloud with others. You will find the instruction for two regularly used applications below. However, you can also share your portfolio with us through other means. Make sure you portfolio is available online for at least two months after sending in your application.

Google drive
If you already possess a Google account, you do not have to create a new account. You can use Google Drive via drive.google.com. Log in with your Google-account details.
1. To add a new document, click “New”.
2. Subsequently, you can upload a new document.
3. When the document has been uploaded, click on the document with the right mouse button and choose “Retrieve link”.
4. Copy the link that appears into the Application form.

Dropbox is a free software programme through which you can share folders with other users. Register and log in via www.dropbox.com.

1. Go to the Dropbox folder on your computer. Click with the right mouse button on the document you want to share and select Dropbox -> Get link…
2. The link to the document is now on your clipboard.
3. Press Paste (ctrl + V) to paste the link in the Application form.
4. Tip: you can also use Dropbox online or through the Dropbox App.