Peter van Assche appointed as professor in Architecture & Circular Thinking at the Academy of Architecture

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Peter van Assche has been appointed by the Academy of Architecture as professor in Architecture & Circular Thinking. Within this research group he will investigate the architectural possibilities of a new material paradigm in a broad sense. It focuses in word, image and construction on a new architectural repertoire for a circular economy.

Peter van Assche

After a career in science and experimental mathematics, Peter van Assche transitioned into architecture and is now the founding principal of bureau SLA, an Amsterdam-based firm focused on the transition to a circular economy through design. As an office, bureau SLA consists of a team of architects and builders, supported by architectural historians, landscape architects, and energy experts. The studio does not wait for commissions to be given, but builds and develops in the city in an innovative way — from their own initiatives and with their own manpower. With this trial and error mentality, Peter van Assche discovers the full potential of material use, energy, waste flows, smart living and working, and development processes. Peter is chairman of the building aesthetics and monuments committee in Utrecht (Commissie Welstand en Monumentenzorg) and supervisor architecture for the Utrecht Beurskwartier area. 

Acceptance speech
Peter van Assche will deliver an acceptance speech in the fall, in which he will discuss his research plans. More information will follow soon.

Tabula Scripta
The recently completed architecture research group Tabula Scripta, led by chief government architect Floris Alkemade and research fellows Jarrik Ouburg and Michiel van Iersel, will publish their results at the end of this year.