Winter School with Artist in Residence Mari Bastashevski

[Translate to English:] Photography by Alexey Yurenev

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The Academy of Architecture has invited artist, researcher, and PhD Mari Bastashevski to be AiR for the upcoming Winter School programme. This year’s Winter School will be held from 12 to 20 January 2023.

Bastashevski’s current research centres on future imaginaries that cut beyond the culture of techno-optimism and collapsism. She explores how emerging technologies of seeing, such as VR, could become sites of field research into the relationship between animals, humans, and technology. Her art practice integrates documents, photographs, and texts to explore the role of new technology and social media in creating and sustaining conflicts in status quo.

During the Winter School, all 1st- and 2nd-year students work on an assignment as an interdisciplinary team. This assignment challenges and crosses the boundaries of the three fields of study, and trains the students’ intuition to transform an idea into an inspired product within a limited timespan (+/- 10 days). The result can vary from built objects to statements, manifestos, plans, visions, and ideas. 

The AiR programme is an initiative in conjunction with the Amsterdam University of the Arts. It stimulates innovation and facilitates encounters with contemporary art practice. It provides host faculties with the opportunity to benefit from the experience of respected artists, breathing new life into the educational and artistic structures of the Academy.