Joost Emmerik appointed Head of Landscape Architecture

Joost Emmerik, photo by Eric Kampherbeek

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Joost Emmerik (1979) has been appointed head of the Master's programme in Landscape Architecture by the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Effective 1 September, he will succeed Hanneke Kijne, who will hand over the position after a period of four years. The Academy of Architecture is very pleased with his appointment.

Emmerik studied architecture and urban design at Delft University of Technology and architecture and landscape design at Southbank University in London. During his internship with West 8, his interest in landscape architecture deepened. After completing his studies, he decided to study this field further. At the Ingenieursbureau of the municipality of The Hague he laid a solid foundation, which he further expanded at Karres en Brands. In 2011 he founded his own office where he works on various design and research projects. In 2019 Bureau Architectenregister awarded him the title of garden and landscape architect based on his portfolio and position in the profession.

As a lecturer, Emmerik has taught at the Academy of Architecture Rotterdam, the Utrecht School of the Arts and Delft University of Technology. At the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, Emmerik is responsible for the lecture series on the history of garden and landscape architecture.

Emmerik comments on his appointment: "The big tasks of our time are interdisciplinary: as a landscape architect, you will always work in a team with architects, urban planners, cultural historians, ecologists and other specialists. In my opinion, the role of the landscape architect is to root a design in space and time. Above all, it is about taking a fundamentally different attitude to nature; beyond the anthropocentric ideal towards a radically inclusive attitude in which man is part of that nature."

Joost Emmerik will deliver his inaugural lecture at the Academy at the beginning of the new academic year.