Alexander Brodsky meets Brodsky Quartet

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You are welcome to join the final presentation of the Winter School 2019 on Friday 25 of January, curated by artist and architect Alexander Brodsky. During the Winter School 2019, from 14 to 25 January, students of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture are working on an imaginary city made out of clay. During the final presentation, there will be a special guest: the Brodsky Quartet.

The Academy of Architecture has invited artist and architect Alexander Brodsky to be Artist in Residence for the academic year 2018-2019. During the Winter School 2019, a two-week research and design program, all three disciplines of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture will join forces, represented by first and second year students. Together with the students, Brodsky will take the following step in a series which he is engaged in: the expression of imagination and working with clay. Thereby, each student will make a fragment of an imaginary city build up from materialized fragments of their individual memories. Together, they will make a whole new imaginary.

The final presentation will take place on Friday 25 January at 16h00 in the Academy of Architecture. After the presentation, which ends around 17h00, we would like to invite you for a drink.

During the final presentation, there will be a special guest: the Brodsky Quartet. Since its formation in 1972, the Brodsky Quartet has performed over 3000 concerts on the major stages of the world and released more than 60 recordings. A natural curiosity and insatiable desire to explore has propelled the group in many artistic directions and continues to ensure them not only a place at the very forefront of the international chamber music scene but also a rich and varied musical existence. Their energy and craftsmanship have attracted numerous awards and accolades worldwide, while ongoing educational work provides a vehicle for passing on experience and staying in touch with the next generation.

You have to register via Based on the registrations, you will get a standing or seated place.

Date: Friday 25 January 2019
Time: 16h00-18h00
Location: Academy of Architecture, Waterlooplein 213, Amsterdam
Free entrance

Artist in Residence programme
The AIR programme is an initiative in conjunction with the departments of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. It stimulates innovation and facilitates encounters with contemporary art practice. It provides host faculties with the opportunity to benefit from the experience of respected artists, breathing new life into the educational and artistic structures of the Academy. The focus is on current interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary developments, and on interaction with the international ‘state of the art’. At the Academy of Architecture, Alexander Brodsky is the successor of Sarah van Sonsbeeck, Jeroen Musch, Gabriel Lester, Michiel Schwarz, Erik Kessels, Krisztina de Châtel and others.