Prix de Rome

The Prix de Rome is the art and architecture prize of the Netherlands for artists under 35. The prize is focused on identifying talent and signalling trends in an international context. In recent years, numerous alumni of the Academy have been among the prizewinners: Rob Hootsmans (1995), Nikol Dietz (2001), Ronald Rietveld (2006) and Donna van Milligen Bielke (2014). However, there are also many prizewinners among the lecturers: Wim van den Bergh (1986), Adriaan Geuze (1990), Joost van Hezewijk (1995), Moriko Kira (1995), Gianni Cito (2001), John Lonsdale (2001) and Nicoline van Harskamp (2009), Olv Klijn, Oana Rades and Anouk Vogel (2010).

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