Crafting Circularity | Exhibition: Heritage as Future

03.09.23 - 31.10.23
C. Galerie

Heritage is of great value to society, now and in the future. What does that look like? Do we want to leave heritage as it is or can we add something to it that enhances its value?

This spring, the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture organised the European Erasmus program Crafting Circularity: 40 students from 5 architecture schools from:the Netherlands, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Greece and Norway worked on circular architectural interventions in the historic polder landscape around the Aalsmeer Fort. 

How can the historical landscape of the Aalsmeer Fort be read? How can we enhance the experience? As part of the Circular Tolerance workshop, our students, together with international exchange students, designed a week of architectural interventions using 2nd-hand building materials. This international exchange focused on 'reverse design': What can you make with building elements like a fence, grid floor, beam, banister, window frame, front door or a traffic pole? The designs show that making with circular materials does not degrade the soil. This offers unprecedented possibilities and raises the question of how, with circular making, we can give extra meaning to heritage sites.

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