Exhibition Possible Futures for the Dune Area

Monday 26 July 2021, 09:00 - 17:00 hrs.

At the exhibition Exhibition Possible Futures for the Dune Area in ABC Haarlem you can see the results of a 16-week regional design studio done by students from the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. From January through May of 2021, a group of students from the Urbanism and Landscape programs was tasked to envision possible futures for the dynamic and complex region in and around the dunes. Throughout an interdisciplinary design studio, students dedicate themselves fully to such a challenging assignment. They learn to define their own assignment and draw a future vision at a regional scale. It is a challenge to design in different scales in a consistent way: the regional scale, the ‘middle scale’ and a smaller project scale.

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Participating students: Coen Pronk, Enzo Dal Mas, Iaroslava Nesterenko, Jana van Hummel, Lujia Zhu, Mads Leuverink, Marleen van Egmond, Maylis Delpech, Oswin Noordergraaf, Rachel Borovská, Renan Dijkinga, Rex van Beijsterveldt, Roelof Koudenburg, Rogier Hoppenbrouwers, Romy van den Berg, Saskia Kleij, Tom van Boekel, Wout Velthof and Wouter Sibum.
Teachers: Huub Juurlink, Saline Verhoeven, Raul Correa Smith and Roel van Gerwen.