In conversation with ... Richard Sennett

Sunday 29 November 2020, 20:30 - 21:00 hrs.
Academy of Architecture
Waterlooplein 211-213
1011 PG Amsterdam

At the invitation of the Academy of Architecture, the renowned sociologist Richard Sennett will enter into conversation with students from the Academy on Sunday 29 November.

It is an open discussion on the basis of corresponding themes from the work of Sennett and the current issues with which students are being confronted. Examples include the increasing pressure on the urban environment, the fragmentation of society and how the market and people can find their place in the contemporary urban environment. Living together means designing together; from the structures in which we live and work to the public space in which we meet each other.

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One of the key objectives of the AvB is interdisciplinary vocational education. The meeting with Sennett and the students from the Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture programmes will take place within the context of intercultural dialogues with peers across the range of disciplines and exploringthe essence of professional practice.


About Richard Sennett
The relationship between architecture and sociology is a key focus in the work of sociologist and historian Sennett. The American professor has countless publications to his name. His book ‘Building and Dwelling’ was recently published, the final part in the Homo Faber trilogy, which is about man as a maker of things.

Photo credit: Thomas Struth