Academy of Architecture presents Amsterdam Re-places

Sunday 23 June 2019, 10:00 - 18:00 hrs.
Kattenburgerstraat 5, gebouw 27
1018 JA Amsterdam

Exhibition with work by students of the Academy of Architecture about developments in Amsterdam and just outside of it. A discussion about the development as part of the festival WeMakeThe.City. On display 22 and 23 June in the MakerSpace AHK, the new workplace of the AHK at the Marineterrein. More information, visit:

Over centuries, the city of Amsterdam has shown a remarkable level of adaptability. Unlike Venice it has not turned into an open air museum but has remained remarkably contemporary – despite all the heritage in the city. Staying at the top of the game needs imagination. One must rethink places that have come of age, places that have lost their prime function, places that do not serve contemporary demand anymore. Amsterdam has the guts to do that yesterday, today and hopefully also tomorrow. 

The exhibition Amsterdam Re-places collects recent work of students of urbanism at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture. Their projects all around town do exactly that: Rethinking places, reconceptualising and redesigning them and ultimately adding a new piece to the never ending undertaking of keeping Amsterdam up to date and ensuring the city meets the challenges that society, economy and nature constantly exercise on its urban environment.

But Amsterdam re-places can also be seen independent from the city itself. Done by urbanism students, it also shows what moves the up and coming generation of urbanists: Rather than it being something they developed throughout their career, densification, regeneration, energy transition, climate change and transport models that do not solely rely on the motorcar are basic ingredients of their thinking  - with sometimes surprisingly new, sometimes astonishingly familiar results. 

Amsterdam Re-places is not a coherent plan for the city but a selection of episodes in its urban fabric with the intent to spark discussion and an imagination how AMSTERDAM RE-PLACES.

Next to our exhibition, you can see more in the same building: models (Amsterdam in 2050), M-ODE, the exhibition and the award ceremony of the Archiprix.