1·Lectures with Ron Bakker

Thursday 11 April 2019, 20:00 - 22:00 hrs.
Academy of Architecture
Waterlooplein 211-213
1011 PG Amsterdam

Ron Bakker, one of the Founding Parnters of PLP Architecture London, discusses the question of how smart buildings can improve the experiential quality of our built environment in more detail in his 1·Lectures on Thursday 11 April.

We have seen in recent years how innovative smart technologies are making buildings more productive, healthy and efficient, and how they can help us to save natural resources. Yet, most of these technologies do not visibly appear to be part of the architectural scenarios we apply in our designs.

The question we should now discuss is how radical innovations in the fields of life sciences, mobility, material technology, communication and machine intelligence can help to enhance the experiential quality of our built environment. How will the blurring lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres make rapidly expanding cities around the world wonderful, happy and equitable places to live and work – for ours and for future generations.

About Ron Bakker
Ron Bakker is one of the Founding Partners of PLP Architecture, a London-based group of architects, designers and thinkers who value the transformative role of ideas and the capacity for architecture to inspire. He has contributed award-winning buildings and urban design projects to major world cities and his work – which includes The Edge in Amsterdam – is widely recognized for its civic and environmental responsiveness. Ron is passionate about people, the architectural quality of their cities and the role of new technologies in the built environment.

Date: Thursday 11 April 2019
Time: 8 PM / Doors open 7.30 PM
Location: Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, Waterlooplein 213
Tickets: Students of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture have free access on presentation of their student card. They do not have to reserve the tickets in advance. Not a student, but interested? Single tickets (€ 7,50 each) are available in the webshop of the Amsterdam Architecture Centre.
Language: English

About the 1·Lectures
Since 2014, the Academy of Architecture has been organising the 1·Lectures in collaboration with the Amsterdam Architecture Centre. This series of architectural lectures provides a platform for speakers from home and abroad to talk about a variety of topics from the international world of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture.